March 29, 2014

Haapalaw, LLC.

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Family Law

Zealous advocacy for clients with divorce, custody determinations, modifications, enforcements, and complex property divisions. Paternity disputes and child supports. Terminations and appeals. Assistance with status quo orders, temporary relief, spousal support, and emergency custody determinations. Helping clients avoid costly mis-steps. Preserve your most precious assets!



Social Security

Reduce your time to award of Disability Insurance Benefits and Social Security Income with local representation. Federal Appeals for those denied at hearing. We work with clients from initial application through each and every stage of appeal. There are no attorney fees unless you prevail. The sooner you get local, competent representation, the sooner you get your benefits.


Criminal Defense

Vigorous defense for clients through pre-trial motions, plea negotiations and trial. Appeals and post conviction relief. Flat fees for most violations, restraining orders, and misdemeanor crimes. Major felonies and Measure 11 crimes. Saving clients money with DUII driving offenses, possession, distribution, manufacture, assault, stalking, theft, ID crimes, restraining orders, and expunctions. Licensed in both State and Federal courts!


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“The quest for freedom, dignity, and the rights of man will never end."
William J. Brennan, Supreme Court Justice