Who We Are

We are a single attorney law office with a staff of one.  While this limits the types of cases we take on, it also means that you will work directly with your attorney.  When you call, you stand a one in two chance of talking to either April or myself.  We are a small practice and we know each one of our clients personally.

We Love What We Do

Yes, sometimes I compare law to plumbing or electrical work – it’s technical, sometimes it’s dirty, and it’s often a thankless job.  Still, at the end of the day, we make sure that people’s lives were made better by the work we do.

It’s Not All That We Do

April and I grow food on our organic farm.  April breeds chickens and raises chickens for eggs.  And, I make hot sauce from peppers fertilized by chickens.  In addition, we love to enjoy time with our five children, ages twelve to twenty-four.  We also love the outdoors, and like to enjoy our beautiful surroundings.

We like to think of what we do as bringing small town charm to the big city.

While our law practice is in Eugene, we continue to live in Junction City, Oregon.