What Kind of Conditions Are Disabling

Do You Have a Diagnosed Medical Condition?

Social Security rules require that your medical condition be diagnosed by a doctor, psychologist, or a psychiatrist.  This means that nurses, physician’s assistants, counselors and chiropractors cannot be relied upon to establish the existence of your medial condition.  They can help determine how limited you are by that condition, but only after it is diagnosed by an “acceptable” medical source.

Does it Prevent You From Working?

Plenty of people work with chronic and debilitating conditions.  If you are successfully working a full-time job and make more than $1,100 per month working then you are not disabled.

Working part time does not mean that you are not disabled.  As long as you do not earn more than $1,100 for three months in a row you can still receive disability benefits.

If your medical conditions (mental and physical) limit you from earning more than $1,100 per month, then you are disabled under the rules of the Social Security Administration.

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