Why Choose a Local Attorney?

  • If you would like to meet your attorney in person.
  • If you want an attorney who knows the judges.
  • If you would like to speak to your attorney when you call.
  • If you want your attorney to represent you at your disability hearing.

These are just some of the reasons to choose a local attorney.  Think about it: Would you hire an attorney for a family law, personal injury, or criminal defense matter that you never met with and never saw?  No, clearly not.  When you choose the Law Office of John Haapala, you know you are choosing a local attorney that will meet with you many times during the development of your claim.  You know you are meeting with the same attorney who will represent you at hearing.  When you choose us, you are choosing to have a real relationship with your attorney.  Applying for disability is an incredibly personal process.  Choose someone you can trust with your confidential information and your outcome.

How do People End Up With National Law Firms?

Social Security disability practice is based on a federal statute.  Therefore, the rules applied are the same in every state.  This makes it possible for attorneys to practice far outside of their region.  With the advent of the internet, these attorneys are able to entice people with their services, often posing as the Social Security Administration.  Many of these firms are qualified and quite capable of helping you develop your claim.  However, you will never have the personal relationship that comes with meeting with and knowing your attorney in person.  When it comes time for your hearing in front of a judge, these out of state firms will most likely have to hire a local attorney to represent you.  To choose a local attorney means that the same attorney that you have come to know and who  knows you best will be the one who represents you in your disability hearing.

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